Intelligence Qatar

We are a boutique market research company based in Qatar providing customized qualitative and quantitative research services.

We help our clients to understand customer and community perception
We help our clients to measure and monitor performance
We help our clients to analyze impact and value

We invest in
our clients

We focus on doing the basics well: we invest in understanding our client's objectives, we are disciplined in getting the details right, we ensure our analysis is based on facts and hard evidence.

Our people are our
biggest assets

We understand quality market research is dependent on quality people. Our consultants are highly qualified, marketing research specialists who have helped hundreds of organizations in Qatar and around the world. Our senior people don't just deliver sales presentations: they stay involved at every stage of the research process, overseeing service quality, but also identifying opportunities, issues and adding value.

We love
what we do

IQ is all about long-term relationships. Our success is not reliant on a global brand or on flying in resources for sales presentations. It comes from loving our clients and doing what we say we will do. We live or die on our local reputation and our client's recommendations. The quality of our data is of utmost importance. We will not undertake a project if we cannot guarantee quality at all stages.

We invest in understanding our client's business objectives and we do this with great rigor. This enables us to research, analyze and report with precision and certainty.
We understand intelligence can shape our abilities and influence our success. Our clients can be confident that the intelligence we provide will aide decision-making, help them think, focus and decide on the best strategies to take.
IQ is known and trusted for our unwavering commitment to quality in everything we do. We do not take short cuts, make dubious assumptions or guess conclusions. Our recommendations are based on facts and hard evidence and we put great effort into getting the detail right.
IQ is the only Qatar-based market research agency that audits every part of the research process. We are obsessed about eliminating error and bias.
Our consultants are not sales people or general marketers, they are marketing research specialists. Collectively our leadership team has over four decades of experience working in market research.