IQ Research Solutions

IQ Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence research

  • Benchmarking
  • KPI assessment
  • Policy development
  • Key stakeholder engagement
  • Baseline measurements
  • Impact assessment studies
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Internal monitoring & evaluation program development
  • Internal research audits
IQ Customer Intelligence

Our Customer Intelligence research

  • Relational customer experience
  • Customer defection analysis
  • Customer loyalty, retention and advocacy analysis
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer segmentation
  • Brand image and positioning
  • Message optimization
  • Attitude and usage Advertising concept testing
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Mystery shopping
IQ Communication Intelligence

Our Communications Intelligence research

  • Communication monitoring & evaluation
  • Communications strategy development
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Consumer perception & attitudes
  • Advertising concept testing
  • Index Assessment
  • CSR strategy development
  • CSR performance evaluation & monitoring
  • Internal & external key stakeholder reviews
IQ Product & Service Intelligence

Our Product & Service Intelligence research

  • New product & service concept testing
  • New product & service development
  • Pricing studies
  • Market segmentation

IQ can also offer:

  • An in-house film production capability providing clients with a marketing tool to bring insights to life (IQ is the only research agency in the GCC to have this offering).
  • In-house digital capability which expands our online and social media reach to a broad range of audiences.
  • Our strategic partnerships with field agencies across the GCC gives us access to 500+ bi-lingual interviewers and to an extensive database of target audiences
Face to face interviews
Face to face interviews
Face to face interviews
Online surveys / social media
Face to face interviews
Self completion
Face to face interviews
Telephone interviews
Face to face interviews
Executive in-depth interviews
Face to face interviews
Focus group discussions
Face to face interviews
Mystery shopping
Face to face interviews
Ethnographic research
Face to face interviews
Vox pops